Tzu-Chieh Kurt Hong, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Architecture and Design
University of Kansas, Lawrence KS

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Herds of Architecture VI

Space Packing with Tetris Blocks

Georgia Institute of Technology
The project T+L Packing is an extensive project of the project “Herds of Architecture”. The project Herds of Architecture is a project to enumerate all possible spatial relationships between a T-block and an L-block. In total, there are 52 spatial relationships. This project is to turn the 52 relationship into Shape Machine codes to and use the codes to ‘pack’ a given grid, note that, the grid is not necessary to be a rectangular shape, the outline of the grid can be irregular shapes, like the one shown in the image above. After running the codes, the given grid can be packed with T-blocks and L-block, furthermore, any T-block is connecting to a certain L-block, vise versa.

Demo Video on Youtube:
T+L Packing Demo Video