Tzu-Chieh Kurt Hong, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Architecture and Design
University of Kansas, Lawrence KS

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Herds of Architecture II

Automation of Architecture Plans

Georgia Institute of Technology

This project is aiming to using Shape Machine, a visual programming language, to develop a computer program that can turn all configurations generated in the Herds of Architecture I into architectural plans. The objective of this project is to revisit the programming language used in architecture education nowadays, which are very poor to represent architects’ idea and methodologies. Shape Machine as a higher level of programming language help designers reduce the complexity in programming because the ideas can be directly encoded in a visual manner. Thusly, Shape Machine handel much more complexity than symbol-based programming languages. Note that the programming languages such as Grasshopper and Dynamo are still symbolic programming language, the only difference is that the interfaces are graphical.

Demo Videos on Youtube:
Design Automation Configurations 10&12
Design Automation Configurations 24&27
Design Automation Configurations 34&43

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