Tzu-Chieh Kurt Hong, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Architecture and Design
University of Kansas, Lawrence KS

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Algorithmic Arts
Digital Media and Algorithms

2015, University of Michigan
Algorithmic Arts is a series of digital works implemented in Python programming language. The goal here is to develop geometric algorithms and visualize the results. For instance, the works in Webby Sculptures are generated from a simple recursive algorithm, that is, connecting the midpoint of the previous line to the input wireframe structure. By applying the algorithm for multiple iterations, the input structures are covered by the webs. The second series of the works here are focusing on a parametric system that simulates the mechanism of differentiation of animal skin. Under the skin, there are four types of stimulating factors which drive different parametric geometric features on the skin. Furthermore, the factors are mixed up and effect the outlook of the skin. This project is aiming to simulating this mechanism as a possible application in architectural façade design.